To verify the authenticity of a file previously recorded with the Prover technology:

Upload a video, recorded with Prover technology.

Our service will check the hash of a file previously stored in the blockchain and the presence of inputted swype code.

In the case of matching hashes, and a swype-code the video file will be considered as authentic.

You will get the report, with the link of hash of the file and swipe code to be able to verify independently.


Where can I get Ropsten Testnet ether?

There are many ways to get Ropsten Testnet ether, which you can find out on the Internet. However, we took care of our users and provide our own convenient tool for obtaining a test ether. Just follow the link, enter the address of wallet that Prover MVP application generated for you and receive the Ropsten Testnet ether.

Does my video go somewhere when I record it?

The files recorded using the Prover MVP application never leave your mobile device. Only the hash of the created video file is sent to the Service and to the blockchain. You can send the video file to our Service to verify its authenticity.

How much does it cost to verify one video?

In the demo mode, the payment for video confirmation is performed by the Ropsten Testnet ether, and therefore, it costs nothing. In the final implementation, the user will use service in exchange for the PROOF tokens, while paying the cost of the gas necessary for the performing of Ethereum transactions.